Online Learning

I’ve always loved looking for ways to learn about interesting and fascinating subjects from the comfort of my home, either in front of my Roku or on my PC. I thought I’d take a moment to share some of my favorite new and old discoveries for those who enjoy learning as much as I do!

Most recently, I discovered a course through edX from Harvard titled Buddhism Through Its Scriptures. It is one of many courses on the topic of religion offered on the site. This one was completely free, but you have the option of buying a verified certificate for $50 if you want. What’s interesting is that there is an additional peer-to-peer discussion platform that allows you to post responses to discussion questions during each unit and comment/respond to others’ pins, which is something I really love about the flow of the course. And I was a little surprised when I saw how many other people were just starting this course throughout the world.

After starting this course, I began to browse other courses available on edX, and I am so excited to see so many different course topics that interest me…I wish I had more time in the day!

Second on the list, which is actually my favorite at the moment, is Great Courses Plus. I was confused at first because there is a Great Courses separate from Great Courses Plus, as least as far as the websites, but the Plus is basically a monthly subscription platform that allows access to the Great Courses classes…as in anything you want to stream from their library! Right now I’m learning the piano.

Other awesome online learning spaces include YouTube, of course. My husband and I are contemplating selling our house and going full time on the road in an RV…who knew there were so many YouTube RVers with incredibly helpful channels full of information for newbies!

If you’re a doc enthusiast, I recommend NOVA and XIVE documentaries on Amazon Prime especially. Anything hosted by Jim Al-Khalili is absolute gold. If you’re interested in an entertaining and digestible doc on quantum physics, check out Brian Greene’s Fabric of the Cosmos.

Let’s see, what else am I watching for the 14th time… Well, I mention Joseph Campbell a lot in my writing, and if you want the best source for an introduction and summation of his work, I recommend the Bill Moyers interview series, titled The Power of Myth. I believe there are six total parts, each focusing on different elements of Campbell’s teaching points and writings. There is also the Mythos series. Both of these took place later in his life, and they are fantastic introductions. I personally found Hero with a Thousand Faces difficult to digest when I first started exploring his work, but the documentary format and interviews really make it accessible, especially as an introduction.

What have you gotten into lately? Was it prompted by being bored at home? Something new that has popped up specifically for interested learners stuck in lockdown? I’d love to hear about it. Thanks!