Chameleon: An Asperger’s Memoir

book cover1
Cover Art by Danijela Kocic for Chameleon: An Asperger’s Memoir

Good Afternoon! I’ve been finalizing a memoir called Chameleon: An Asperger’s Memoir and hope to publish on Amazon within the next couple of weeks. As I’ve been putting the final touches on the book, I’ve neglected to publish new blog posts, but I will be rededicating myself to this blog once the book is complete.

The memoir is specifically targeted toward anyone with a special interest in women on the spectrum, and particularly those women who deal with autistic difficulties while appearing neurotypical. These hidden struggles are the main topics of my book, and I hope to connect with others the same way that I did with writers when I first started educating myself about Asperger’s.

I wanted to go ahead and share the wonderful cover art which was created by an artist named Danijela Kocic. It is an original watercolor. I basically just gave her the concept I wanted with the specific elements and told her to stylize it in her own personal way. I absolutely love the result!

When the book is ready, I will be posting again to let those of you who are interested know that it is available. As always, thanks for reading!

One thought on “Chameleon: An Asperger’s Memoir

  1. I am interested to read it, as although I am male, I have a lot of symptoms typically seen in autistic women rather than autistic men, and I suspect that this is one reason my autism has gone undiagnosed for so long.

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